About us


Rotsha” Ltd was cooperated on basis of core business in1991 in Smolensk. Our company produces broad assortment of brushes using the latest technologies and high-quality stuff.

We produce metal brushes to process metallic and wooden surfaces, move off a scale, insulate course, rust, waste products, splashes, clean out weld, work up surfaces before anticorrosion treatment and others work processes.

Nowadays we produce wide assortment of brushes for drills and edgers of inland and outland manufacture.

We use up-to-date technologies, stuff, inputs so that is possible for us to work on a high level and satisfy needs of customers.

We got our product onto the market as problems with quality control were solved. Our products have found popularity and nowadays we offer a wide range of goods at very competitive price and quality.

All products are patent and certified and fit the requirements of state standard specification. It also has registered trademark.

We manufacture a wide range of wire (carbonated steel, stainless steel, brass), synthetic, and natural materials using latest technologies. Wire diameter vary from 0,22 to 1,00 mm.

Special orders are available.

Our brushes have already established a good reputation in oil, gas, chemical, automobile industry, shipbuilding, aircraft building, building etc.

“Rotsha” Ltd. has entered partnership with many Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and CIS industrial manufacturers.

We can provide you with a solution to practically all your brush finishing requirements. Even for unusual problems which are perhaps not included in catalogue.